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Our mission is to develop in ten identified areas a Sunday school involving the local community. The community will be responsible to accomodation for the Sunday Schools. It could be a room where 35 to 40 children can be taught for few hours every Sunday. They will be taught the basics of their faith through Child Friendly Methods, games, songs, simulations, picture stories, role playing etc.


Who will be helping children in the Sunday Schools? There are in each area young men and women who have completed their schooling but do not have enough resources to get college or any other professional education. The committed and envisioned volunteers will be invited to help the children. They will be given opportunity to get training to work in the Sunday Schools. BMP will make a commitment to work in Sunday Schools and BMP will help them in their college education. There are two kinds of college education one regular and the other one is distance learning. Regular education is expensive. BMP would be more interested in taking people's preference in distance learning as the second phase of Sunday Schools would be having classes twice a week, later three times a week and then 5 days a week followed by targeting families and the whole community.


Sunday prayer service and Bible reflection will be conducted with various groups. It is our mission to train young people to go door to door to share the word of God. This will spread the Word of God to poor people. We want to make regular visits to these areas and interact with the communities.


The Sunday School Teaching team will make their plan for the week and prepare weekly reports. Once a month they will come together in the BMP center to share their reports and discuss. They will share their experiences and refresh their plans, sharing new ideas etc. on our Activities Prayer Meetings Street Pray Sunday School Working for poor and orphan kids.

"Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants." Deuteronomy 32:2