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Barkat Ministry Pakistan

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Clean Water

Barkat Ministry Pakistan has reached out to parched areas, in an effort to supply the local communities with clean drinking water.

According to the ministry’s head: ‘There are many areas where there is no water, areas we term “Dry Land”.’

He further explained that the installation of water pumps will certainly bring relief to women of these ‘dry lands’, as they have to walk a distance of about 10-15 kilometres to fetch water for daily use.


To ensure the supply of clean and safe drinking water Barakat Ministry has decided to build water pumps in those regions where there is greatest need and no supply of fresh drinking water.

The ministry remains committed to continue the installation project in many more areas, where there is an essential need for drinking water. “We have to drill and build many more water pumps for which we need your precious partnership and prayers. It will surely result in saving lives.”


Access to clean water and improved sanitation will help lower disease, poverty, and conflict throughout Pakistan, leading to happier and healthier lives.